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Hannah Ferguson Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & Fitness

Hannah Ferguson Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & FitnessHannah Ferguson Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & Fitness- born on May 5, 1992 in San Angelo, Texas, United States. She is an American fashion model. She won the Kim Dawson Model Search and moved to Dallas to start her career after she finished her high school. She has been featured on the popular Sports Illustrated Magazine over the years, particularly being highlighted in the year 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Hannah Ferguson’s Work Out Plan

To stay fit at all times, Hannah makes it a point to exercise every day. She said in one of her interviews, “I don’t like running, but running is what I do the most— it’s just what works the best for me and my body. I run on the treadmill so I can track how far I’m going and my time. I try to set goals, originally I would only run 3 miles, but now I’ve built up to 5 miles so having a goal makes it a little more interesting. Otherwise, I enjoy Pilates on the reformer machine, and Yoga.”

She stays motivated to workout because according to her, “I just try to think about work and the goals I have for my life. Things I want in my future help keep me motivated. Of course, I have my days where if I don’t feel like going, and if I’m having a good week where I’ve worked out 4 or 5 times a week I won’t stress about it.”

She told Business Insider that she usually spends five times a week, doing her workout routine. On a good week, I would work out probably five times a week,” Hannah explained. “On a bad week, I probably work out 2-3 times, but it depends on my schedule.”

Hannah Ferguson’s Diet

Hannah keeps up a healthy and balanced diet. Does she have cheat days, by the way? “Well I guess I don’t really have a cheat day, but I love ice cream, I’m such a sweets person but I’m really good about having healthy meals, so it’s just whether or not I indulge in dessert,” the fashion model said. “I just always crave chocolate or ice cream. Right now I’m really into Ben & Jerry’s ‘Half Baked’ frozen yogurt flavor, which is a little better than just straight ice cream—I don’t feel as guilty eating it.”

She also said in a separate interview that it’s because she has a sweet tooth. “I definitely have a sweet tooth,” said Hannah. “I’m the kind of girl who, if I have a craving, I’ll indulge. Ice cream is hands down my favorite food and I do crave chocolate, but I usually try to eat healthy.”

When she is in Texas, she spends time at her favorite diner. She said, “I love to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant called Fuentes Café, and I also love a good steakhouse.”

What’s her eating habit like? “In the morning, I’ll usually have scrambled eggs with spinach, and coffee of course,” she said. “Or fruit and yogurt with some granola. For lunch, I like to have quinoa with chicken or another protein. For dinner, I usually have fish and vegetables. I try to keep my carbs around lunchtime.”

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