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Emily DiDonato Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & Fitness

Emily DiDonato Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & FitnessEmily DiDonato Diet, Work Out Plan, Health & Fitness- born on February 24, 1991 in Goshen, New York, United States. An American model, it was in the year 2009 when she was signed as the face of Maybelline New York. She later on became the face of Giorgio Armani’s fragrance Acqua Di Gioia in the year 2010. In the year 2013, her career becamre more successful when she was highlighted on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. All throughout her career, she was able to work for campaigns for brands such as Trussardi, Ralph Lauren, Just Cavalli, Missoni, Elie Tahari, Longchamp, and many others.

Emily DiDonato’s Work Out Plan

Emily had a wholesome and somewhat healthy childhood as she grew up with a family who stays active at all times. According to her in one of her interviews, “I would say I grew up in a very active household–but not one that was necessarily health conscious. My family was very sporty and outdoorsy–we would camp, hike, fish and mountain bike ride all year round. Naturally, I also grew up playing tons of sports. (Basketball, soccer and lacrosse.)”

How often does she workout, by the way? “I work out everyday–sometimes twice a day!” she said. “I’m kind of crazy! You name it–I probably do it! I love running, spinning at Soul Cycle, SLT, doing yoga and lifting weights at Equinox. I also just started going to y7 studio which I am totally obsessed with–so much so that I’m doing their teacher training in June!”

Emily DiDonato’s Diet

Let’s talk about Emily’s diet. “As for diet–we weren’t perfect,” Emily said, particularly talking about her and her family’s eating habits. “We ate pizza and the occasional fast food dinner like most American families do. Around the age of 16 or 17, I really started being more aware as to what I was doing and putting into my body which sort of trickled down to the whole family–so much so parents are both vegetarian now! Whenever I go home we cook really awesome and nutritious meals.”

Being a model made her become more dedicated to health and fitness. She said, “When I started modeling is really when I started to think more about what I was putting into my body. In the beginning, I thought about working out and eating well as just part of my job to look good. As I’ve gotten older, wellness has meant so much more to me–becoming more about how I feel as opposed to how I look. I work out to feel strong. I eat well to feel energized and clear. I do yoga and practice mindfulness to be a better person.”

She spent a lot of time in New York where according to her, is a great place for health-conscious people. “New York is awesome because a good majority of the people here are health conscious which has definitely become influential,” she said. “It seems that everyone is working out or with a green juice in hand. As a result there are so many amazing and nutritious places to eat and boutique studios to try!”

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